Genre: Post-apocalyptic high fantasy campaign.
Schedule: Pick-up online play using MapTool.

Generations ago, there was a war. They call it the Ark War, because it’s the war that resulted into the founding of this city, Ark. The wizards built it when they feared that the Things they’d loosed were going to devour every last bit of Terra Firma. They chose Ark as the place to make their last stand—and the place where they’d bring everything they’d need to re-seed life from the ashes, if need be.

It turned out that things weren’t quite so dire. True, the wizards were destroyed during the defense of Ark, but the resulting magical barriers held for scores of years afterwards. The Things didn’t completely wipe out life on Terra Firma after all.

Now, at long last, the barriers are gone, and the denizens of Ark can leave their stronghold once more. What’s happened in the Outside World during the long years of Ark’s isolation? What will happen to Ark’s own civilization as its forcibly-urbanized population tries to return to its old and nearly-forgotten ways? Will the long arm of the wizards stretch through time and see their will done, with Ark’s carefully-preserved specimens sent back out into the world to thrive? Or will the bickering factions of Ark propel the world towards another destiny entirely?

Ark, City on the Edge of Oblivion